1. Paw People, its employees and independent contractors, to be known as Paw People from here on, agree to provide animal care services in a reliable and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services and as an express condition thereof, the client expressly waives any and all claims against Paw People, unless arising from negligence on the part of Paw People.

2. Paw People  shall not be held responsible for the loss, injury, death, or actions of any pet that the client has left outside or has instructed the sitter to allow outside while sitter is not there. This includes pets with doggie doors with access outside and outdoor pets. This also includes where the client has allowed other people, other than Paw People, its employees or independent contractors, into the house to care for pets or conduct other work, services or are there to visit the home and pets.

3. The client understands that all pets (where appropriate) must have a veterinarian and must be up to date on the rabies vaccination.

4. All pets with electronic fences must wear their collars with fresh batteries. Paw People is not responsible for any animals that get out or inside of perimeter.

5. Paw People does not diagnose, prognoses, or make therapy decisions, nor does it offer veterinary services. Any veterinary/medical concerns will be referred to a veterinarian.

6. Paw People will not sit for acutely ill animals or those with uncontrolled medical conditions. We suggest the pet be boarded with a vet.

7. Paw People does not walk or care for aggressive animals.

8. Paw People will not walk unruly or untrained dogs, including dogs that choke themselves on their leash from excessive pulling. All pets must be walked on a leash, no exceptions.

9. Paw People will make every effort to maintain time specific calls, but we cannot guarantee specific times accurately. A two- hour window is acceptable.


10. Paw People will not be responsible for any keys the client has asked to be mailed or hidden on the property. 

11. Business hours fall between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Services are usually completed during this time unless we are behind schedule or it is previously arranged. Additional fees will be charged for after hour visits, unless otherwise arranged.

12. Paw People reserves the right to deny service or terminate service because of safety concerns, financial concerns, or inappropriate or uncomfortable situations.

13. Paw People reserves the right to take pet(s) to vet. Client is responsible for all charges.

14. Paw People requires you to have a responsible party as back up to take care of your pet(s) in the event of unforeseen circumstances; such as illness or death, in the event of inclement weather or a natural disaster. It is best your emergency contact is a neighbor so they can reach your home. Paw People is not responsible for pets in these circumstances.

15. Payment is required BEFORE services are rendered. 50% upon signing contract (or at the time of scheduling services) and the balance prior to 1st service. In the event of additional unforeseen visits or other costs (such additional visits, purchased food, supplies, cleaning fees or vet fees), payment is expected within 5 days of the completion of services or a late charge of $20 will be applied every 7 days until payment is received.

16. Cancellations within 7 days of 1st scheduled visit will not be refunded the deposit.

17. Cat owners will provide a clean littler box/es on the day of their departure.  If litter box/es is/are found to be more than 1 day soiled at onset of services, Paw People will clean each litter box for 35$ each.  For every 7 consecutive days of cat care, a complete litter change will be required. 10$ per litter change.  Owners to provide litter required.

18. Paw People will care for potty trained pets only, unless otherwise agreed upon. In the event that an animal has potty accidents in house, an occasional accident will not incur a cleaning charge, but animals that are not potty trained and or potty regularly in the house will incur a 10$ or more charge per incident. Cleaning charge will depend on amount of cleaning required.

Holidays that incur additional fees:

Labor Day

Memorial Day

4th of July

Thanksgiving Holiday, Thur - Sun

Christmas Eve, Dec 24

Christmas Day, Dec 25

New Years Eve, Dec 31

New Years Day, Jan 1

Boxing Day, Jan 2